Is Homeowners Insurance Enough?
A Builders Risk Coverage Comparison

“Why do I need builders risk insurance if I already have homeowners insurance?”

It’s a common question for agents selling inland marine coverage, and the answer is: gaps. Homeowners policies typically don’t cover the scope of exposures insured by residential builders risk. Those gaps can lead to financial implications should a loss occur.

This guide will help you identify core differences between homeowners and builders risk insurance, and offers considerations for selecting the best option to protect your clients’ interests, including:

  • Which coverages are standard to both policies
  • How common coverages differ in scope
  • Which coverages builders risk insurance provides that homeowners typically does not
  • Consequences of underinsured losses for both your clients and your organization

When clients’ projects are not properly insured, they risk devastating losses to their home and finances. Download this guide to get insights about coverage they might be missing.

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