Water Intrusion: 
Advising Builders Risk Clients
of Costly Perils

Water intrusion can bring any construction project to a halt. While many forms of water damage are covered under a basic builders risk policy, water intrusion is a costly exposure that’s often excluded. When negligence or oversight at a construction site cause water damage, your builders risk client may incur unexpected expenses if not properly prepared.

Our resource, Water Intrusion: Advising Builders Risk Clients of Costly Perils, will help you expand your knowledge of water intrusion exposures, including:

  • What defines water intrusion
  • What factors make water intrusion different from other covered damages
  • How to mitigate the risks of water intrusion

There’s no reason for your client to be taken by surprise — discuss the threat of water intrusion now and minimize out-of-pocket expenses. Become more informed on the topic when you download our free resource today.

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