Reducing Water Damage
During Construction

Water and weather damage is considered the most common and potentially devastating cause of loss during construction. In fact, water-related damage was the cause of 37 percent of losses and 48 percent in terms of severity, according to Zurich data between 2010 and 2014.

Developed by Zurich’s Risk Engineering team, this report provides the resources needed to prevent water-related damage, lessen financial losses and delays in construction, including:

  • Detailing the sources from which water damage can originate
  • Checklists to help identify your risk for water damage and protect valuable equipment
  • Guidance to assess and mitigate existing leaks, and prevent new damage from occurring

Even a small amount of water can cause massive damage to valuable equipment and shut down construction altogether, leaving your client vulnerable to unnecessary losses and delays. Download this report to provide your client with invaluable water-damage prevention tips today.

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